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MSK Ultrasound Scanner
MSK Scanning

About Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints of the body. It is used to help diagnose sprains, strains, tears and other soft tissue conditions. 


Ultrasound imaging is cost effective and has the advantage of displaying tendon tears and otherpatholgies in real time. The accuracy of MSK ultrasound is very operator dependant and should be performed only by the hands of an experienced MSK sonographer.

Highlights of our MSK Services

  • Leading MSK Centre for over 19 years in the GTA.

  • All MSK ultrasounds are preformed by a highly skilled MSK Sonographer.

  • A team of specialized MSK Radiologists 

  • Premium High Definition Ultrasound Scanner for max image resolution.

  • At the forefront of research and education, conducting numerous international conferences over the years.

  • High % of accuracy with surgical correlation

  • Ultrasound exams can be combined with a low dose Digital X-ray for correlation.

Advantages of MSK Ultrasound

  • Every Patient can undergo Sonography

  • Can resolve finer details than MRI

  • Real-time Dynamic examination

  • Power Doppler gives important physiological information

  • Probe can be placed exactly where it hurts

Our MSK Sonographer

Jag Dhanju has played a major role in pioneering MSK ultrasound in Canada over the past 20 years. Not only has he lectured across Canada and internationally, Jag has published many MSK articles as well.

Jag works closely with many health professionals such as Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic, Hand Surgeons, Pain Specialists and Family Physcians.

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